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How to Get Your New Home Construction Loan

Deciding to build your first new home or that home of your dreams requires funding for the building process. Luckily, for you there are new home construction and stated income construction loans out there that are ready to help you get started to helping with the building costs of your brand new home. Both of these types of construction loans offer funding to you, but are different in how you go about obtaining them.

To first obtain a new home construction loan, the lender that you choose must know anything and everything about the home construction that you have planned. Construction loans are available to you through national lenders like most UK High Street banks or they can be obtained through regional banks or mortgage companies. The interest rate for a construction loan is generally paid on for 12 months and then they typically are replaced by a mortgage after the completion of your home.

house and home constructionThere are two types of construction loans. One is the all in one loan, which is automatically changed to a mortgage upon completion of the home. The other type is the construction only loan, which is due when the building is done, and then the loan must be paid off or replaced by a mortgage.

Construction loans are not just aplicable to new houses either. many house extensions need to be funded as well and the methods are exactly the same

Lenders will pay funds for the building of your home in several "draws". This means that at different times during the building process a plan is drawn up that will state how much funding was used during that particular stage. Then it is sent to the lender and the funding is paid. Examples of the stages would be after pouring the foundation or framing the house.

A stated income construction loan is a loan that does not require verification of your income. An example of a person who would be a great candidate for this type of loan is an individual who is self-employed. A person who cannot verify his or her income or someone who chooses not to share this information will benefit when applying for a stated income construction loan.

The advantage of this type of loan is that the approval time is generally faster than that of other construction loans. The downside to a stated income construction loan is that the down payment and the interest rates associated with the loan can be a lot higher than that of other loans. This loan can be applied for online or through the office of the lender that you choose to obtain a loan from.



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